Evernote CEO Phil Libin talks Evernote Business

The new tool lets users share information within a company or with clients, while IT controls permissions. You can join Evernote Business with your existing personal account, which remains invisible to the company, and you keep your own data if you leave at any time.

For companies that already have a core group of Evernote users, this is a natural upgrade, It's double the price of Evernote Premium, which offers 1GB of monthly uploads. For $10 per user per month, Evernote Business covers 2GB of new personal content per user and another 2GB of shared content across shared Business Notebooks. If your business is new to Evernote, though, it may be a tougher sell. By comparison (admittedly, not an apples-to-apples one), it costs the same as the full Google Apps for Business suite with Vault for extra security.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin doesn't see Evernote as a competitor to productivity suites like Google Apps. Instead, his service fills a "universal human need." He explained last week ahead of the launch.

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